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Frisse Lutch Collection

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Image of Frisse Lutch Collection Image of Frisse Lutch Collection Image of Frisse Lutch Collection

The Frisse Lutch Collection is a set of two small terrariums. The set consists of a diamond hanging terrarium, and a pyramid terrarium which can be hung or placed on a flat surface. We've kept these terrariums simple with the use of white gravel against the black pebbles and metal, not to distract the viewer away from the succulents inside. You're able to see the layering to the terrarium, where you can watch your terrarium change over time. Sediment will move to the bottom.

Please note: These terrariums will be made to order, once payment is taken we will then make your terrarium for you. Plants will vary for each terrarium, this is due to stock and availability. Glass terrariums are not water tight, please be careful when watering. We only deliver to Bristol and the surrounding area. We don't currently ship any of our terrariums. Please read our Delivery and Returns page before purchasing.

Dimensions: Approximately (measurements of the glass only, height x width)
Diamond: 6.5" X 4"
Pyramid: 5" X 4"